VM Types

VM resources are allocated to instances in one of two types of machine:

  • Predefined
  • Custom

Each Zone supports various Intel CPU types as well as AMD EPYC processors in some zone. A default processor architecture is defined per-region.

Predefined Machine Types

Predefined machine types are managed by compute engine and determine the allocation of CPU and RAM resources based on the class of machine selected

typeNotesnamingvCPU/RAM RatiovCPU
Max PD Size
StandardGeneral pusposen1-standard-<#cpu>3.75 GB1,2,4,8,16,32
128257 TB
High MemoryMemory intensive tasksn1-highmem-#cpu>6.5 GB2,4,8,16,32,
128257 TB
High CPUCPU Intensiven1-highcpu-#cpu>0.9 GB2,4,8,16,32,
128257 TB
Memory OptimizedGood for memory intensive applications such as SAP HANA, Data Warehousingm1-ultramem-<#cpu>>14 GB40,80,96,160128257 TB
Compute OptimizedGood for computationally intensive workloadsc2-standard-<#cpu>4,8,16,30,60128257 TB
Shared CoreShare of a single CPU Thread
f1 micro allows cpu bursting
0.6 GB
1.7 GB
153 TB
VM Machine Types

Custom Machine Types

  • Define own vCPU and RAM requirements
  • Costs slightly more then predefined machines
  • The number of vCPUs must be >=1 and an even number
  • RAM = 0.9-6.5GB per vCPU and in increments of 256MB

Sole Tenant Nodes


  • Resource based pricing model
  • Charged per minute and on actual consumption rather that the number of VMs
  • Discounts available for sustained use
  • Bulk purchase discounts available for longer term commitments up to 3 years in advance
  • Preemptible VMs are much lower cost but may be terminated if compute engine needs the resources for other tasks
  • Sustained usage discounts apply for instances that run for a defined percentage of a month